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DALEFOX LIMITED review on service: Terms of trade

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 DALEFOX LIMITED forex broker

How to start multiplying your money with a DALEFOX LIMITED broker.

Forex trading is fraught with a high risk of loss. Any asset can sink, which is why it is so important to choose an honest broker with flexible terms of cooperation. Loyalty to traders with little opportunities and experience distinguishes many European brokers, including the DALEFOX LIMITED company, for reviews of its activities and conditions of cooperation, read the material.

Account plans DALEFOX LIMITED reviews from traders

What opportunities cooperation with a broker opens, you can usually find out from the information on its official website. For example, on the reviews site it is indicated that the company offers investment both in Forex and in other markets.

The broker has several account plans, conventionally dividing its clients into three groups: beginners, advanced traders, and large players. Accordingly, beginners have fewer opportunities, but they have the lowest requirements.

DALEFOX LIMITED took into account the feedback of novice traders and went the same way as some of its colleagues in the shop: made access to the market very loyal. So, at the "Novice" tariff, you can deposit only 250 euros and get the opportunity to enter Forex with your offer. This amount is unlikely to be enough to immediately conclude a profitable deal, but it will be enough to start mastering the trading process.

By the way, it is important that the broker educates his clients. Sessions are even provided for beginners - that is, the manager is present during trading sessions, teaches how to open an order, analyze the current situation, see the trend and react to it. In order to understand at least a little what trading is and how the market works, you should read the basic educational materials on the site - about fundamental and graphical market analysis:

The "Silver" tariff is designed for traders who are ready to invest from 2000 euros. Most often, such users have some kind of trading experience. For them, access to Forex and to the market of goods and raw materials is open, which means that a trader has the opportunity to diversify his portfolio by investing money from several assets with different rates of rate change. As a result of this approach, it is possible to achieve a situation where the drawdown on some assets will be compensated by the growth of others.

A business package, a PAM account and the use of the company's reserves are open for large players at the Gold tariff. This tariff has almost limitless possibilities, but is designed for investors with big ambitions.

You can get more information about account plans from the managers of the company. To do this, go through registration and wait for the employee's call:

You can also contact the company directly with questions - by phone or email. The legal address of the office, contact details are on the website: reviews on service and support

The company has gained a reputation as a good starting point for traders. The fact is that this broker has relied on the most responsive service. That is, realizing that many clients for the first time in their lives have thought about investing, managers tell how the market works, literally on their fingers. Moreover, each potential client (even before the start of cooperation) can get basic knowledge about the market.

Installation of software, at the request of the client, can also take place under the strict direction of the manager of the Support department.

The company has received numerous awards for good service and considers this to be an important advantage.

More about the terms of cooperation can be found in the "Legal Documents" section, where all the important points of interaction with a broker are described:


Reviews about the trading conditions on the  reviews platform prove a careful and attentive attitude to customers, good service and profitable cooperation.

Comments (9)
user_avatarMiller Steven 15.12.2021

This is the best broker for trading in different types of financial instruments. Their silver account is perfect for me. I really nice to deal with this company. Services are surprisingly good. I get a good profit and services. Quick conclusion. For verification requires regular documents. The process is smooth and fast.

user_avatarChambers Mark 17.12.2021

For me, this is a good broker. I got a good profit from transactions. And they provided me with the support in which I needed to succeed. And tools and services in order.

user_avatarLyons Warren 18.12.2021

This brokerage company suggested that I really have excellent shopping capabilities, and they all cost my money and time. It was a good opportunity to make money without leaving home. These are very promising brokers, and I get good profits from them.

user_avatarHarrington John 04.01.2022

The broker justified my expectations, you can see that comments about him were not erroneous. Although there was no investment with it without some losses, but in general I am in the plus.

user_avatarTodd John 04.01.2022

I believe that the broker deserves respect for his approach to customers. As you know, simple and easy earnings do not exist. This requires great effort and a huge amount of knowledge that you need to get. I manage it with varying success, but in any case, even when I'm leaving in minus, I stay in a plus, getting a lot of practical knowledge and experience.

user_avatarCameron Jack 26.01.2022

I believe that the broker should be trusted. I really like his services, and I'm not going to look for another. If only this will not go wrong.

user_avatarAustin Jeremy 18.02.2022

A good company, everything works as it should, and they do not deceive. The withdrawal of funds occurs quite quickly, although once I had to wait almost 4 days, but it was probably a system error. I have 2 bills in dalefox limited, and I have never regretted the choice of broker. I know that I can quietly work here and be confident in the quality of service and preservation of my money.

user_avatarKelly Malcolm 24.02.2022

In general, I am satisfied with almost everyone. Well, there are rivers, I will not argue, but where are they not? I worked here a little more than a year, there are no special complaints. You can close your eyes into small disadvantages. The main thing is that they give you to work and all pay.

user_avatarNewton Jasper 24.02.2022

One of the best brokerage companies in the market. Works stable and without surprises. The problem is only as for me with a large number of documents when registering and slightly overpriced transaction costs.