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Review of portfolios and services of DALEFOX LIMITED Forex broker from London.

Do you want to make money on the exchange rates? Then you need a good Forex broker - the world currency market. There are so many offers to invest in dollars or euros now that it can get confusing when choosing the right intermediary. Let's figure out what qualities a broker should have in order to guarantee his honesty. For example, consider the company DALEFOX LIMITED broker offers to invest not only in currencies, but also in other types of assets. More details - on the official website of the forex broker company.

Information about DALEFOX LIMITED broker

The company was registered in London, UK. The broker supports all UK legislation against financial fraud. Thus, the company's clients undergo identity verification, and the broker's activities fully comply with the Anti Money Laundering regulations - a system of laws against money laundering when performing financial transactions on the Internet. The company's documents regulating its cooperation with clients, the privacy policy of personal data, the AML policy, as well as notifying clients about the risks of trading are freely available on the website and any user can familiarize themselves with them if they wish:

The address of the company's office in London, telephone numbers for communication with it, as well as a mailbox are available on the website in the "Contacts" section:

Account plans offered by the DALEFOX LIMITED broker

The company's account plans show that the broker is used to working with a fairly wide audience. The company separately supports traders with zero experience, beginners. And also separately provides advice and support to traders with large deposits over 50 thousand euros.

Consider a plan for beginners.

The minimum deposit for it is only 250 euros - this money will be invested in the shares of an American company, or in a currency pair.

The broker in each package offers diversification - the distribution of investments between various assets for a more efficient investment (when incomes on some assets compensate for possible drawdowns on others).

Roughly speaking, a client can invest in Forex, purchase shares of a company from the United States, and also invest in precious metals or oil. Since the value of currencies fluctuates more and more, this is the space for higher, but also more risky, earnings. The oil price is much less susceptible to fluctuations (except for political events), gold is becoming more expensive, albeit slowly (this is a long-term investment). American stocks are capable of gaining percentages on a daily basis (and sometimes dropping just as quickly).

Thus, trading, in fact, is a balancing act between profits and losses on certain investments. Such balancing can lead to the creation of a strategy that will allow you to earn many times more than to lose. Only an experienced analyst with an experienced trader can help build a productive strategy. These are the managers who work for the company.

Service from DALEFOX LIMITED Forex access and training

It has already been said that the broker sets a low threshold for entering the market. Deposit 100 euros to your personal account after choosing a tariff plan - and you can immediately download the trading platform. It is a web terminal similar to the popular MT5. There is also an application for a smartphone, with less functionality, but access to managing your personal account:

Clients with little experience receive training from a broker. Firstly, the site has a section with information materials, where the market terminology and descriptions of orders and analysis are given. Secondly, deeper training can be requested at your rate (or for a surcharge) from the company manager.


A company with many years of experience in Forex, DALEFOX LIMITED broker, provides an opportunity to make money on fluctuations in the value of currencies, stocks, indices and raw materials. At the same time, the broker has a low deposit and good training programs for traders.

Comments (9)
user_avatarBaldwin Joseph 06.12.2021

It is easier for me to manage your transactions using their platform. It has so many features that are useful for me. I also get good support from them and accurate trading tips. Good deals. I get a good profit from my transactions. Spend quite a lot of deals, so far small. I saw good results and think it is ready to put larger ones.

user_avatarWheeler George 14.12.2021

I can say that the platform shows stable operation and reliable execution of orders on all tools that used by me. I can trust this brand. Signals are reliable and very honest. All transactions are very transparent.

user_avatarBriggs Ethan 21.12.2021

They were my broker for some time, and I had never had problems with the output of funds or with any services. The signals are accurate, and the removal of funds is always on time. I am glad that I found the same good broker as they.

user_avatarTownsend Robert 29.12.2021

Trading with a broker is good, although the trading platform looks somewhat different than I expected at the beginning. I wrote about this in the support service and, honestly, I did not expect such a quick answer. In any case, I decided to continue the trade and so far everything goes quite well.

user_avatarStewart Robert 30.12.2021

I tested several brokers and with all I had problems. It's nice, finally, to meet the one who relates to customers seriously. This broker lacks several things to be perfect, but you just have enough other reviews on the Internet to see that the possibilities of Dalefox limited Consultants are much wider than others.

user_avatarJones John 17.01.2022

This is a famous broker, but with somewhat overpriced prices. Trade conditions are pretty good, and contact with the support service has been adjusted. Nevertheless, I will check another rated brokers.

user_avatarLucas Christopher 30.01.2022

I was surprised by low cost. The execution itself is excellent. I did not notice any strange behavior, everything looks reliably, but since I am trading only 3 months, I can not even fully appreciate all the functions. But what has already tried, I definitely gone.

user_avatarSparks Brian 08.02.2022

I work with dalefox limited only a few months. Spreads are really narrow here, but the performance is very good. Let's see how and what will happen next, but still looks worthy.

user_avatarPhelps Scot 22.02.2022

Credit shoulder 1: 500, you can work with smaller capital, MT5 solid spreads. Before that, I heard a lot about dalefox limited, so I decided to try. Decent regulation. Deposits through cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Eth are excellent.