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Broker DALEFOX LIMITED Scam check tips: how not to become a victim

Broker DALEFOX LIMITED Scam check tips. scam? Julius Conley ★★★★★

 DALEFOX LIMITED forex broker


Broker’s from London, DALEFOX LIMITED scam detection team has been studying Forex for many years.

We are used to thinking that a scammer, first of all, will try to sell a non-existent product or service - persuade, insist. But often fraudulent activities are betrayed by the suppression of important information. In this review, the broker DALEFOX LIMITED helped us to form a list of dangerous "omissions". The scammer pretends to be a lack of information. What are they talking about? Let's figure it out. scam broker? Brief info

To begin with, let's consider in what cases the broker's website indicates honest cooperation, and not a scam. We use as an example.

Legal address of the company, office location.

The broker is obliged to provide comprehensive data on his location. A website on the Internet is not enough. You need to specify the office address - country, city, street and house or building number.

Taking DALEFOX LIMITED as an example, we see that the company's office is located in London, in one of the business centers. There is also the address of the building and the office number.

Phones and other contact details.

An honest broker will not create one-way communication - when a manager communicates with a client, but there is no feedback. This is a sign of deliberate restriction of communication with the client and a sign of fraudulent activities. Telephone numbers, e-mail address must be indicated on the site.

Simple customer registration.

Registration usually happens when a customer fills out a ready-made online form, like here:

If the client is required to provide the details of his bank card (especially the CVV code!), Provide information about loved ones, dictate some personal information - there is a risk of fraud.

DALEFOX LIMITED scam does not show documents and allows the terminal to be installed

What will the scammer hide? DALEFOX LIMITED scam check up

First, the truth about your registration. If the company's website does not have its legal address, then the company itself may not exist. In addition, in this way they sometimes hide the fact that the company was registered in a zone where European standards are not met, for example, in one of the countries of Latin America, in India, on an ocean island.

Secondly, there is no terminal for trading. If the site does not have a section from where you can get access to the trading platform, this is definitely a scam. The broker's task is to give access to the market, which is carried out by the provision of a trading terminal, among other things. The absence indicates that the company sells non-existent services and is, most likely, a fake office.

Third, cooperation documents. An honest company will not hide the terms of collaboration from clients. On the contrary, he will try to describe them in as much detail as possible. Please note if there is a section with documents on the website of the selected broker. There must be a user agreement. And also a document describing the policy for the retention of confidential data. Many companies in the list of documents provide a notice of market risks, a description of the anti-fraudulent requirements of the European Union, etc.

Fourth, account plans. Incredibly, some "companies" make websites without a description of tariff packages. The client does not understand what he is agreeing to. Quite often all this goes "under the sauce" of an individual approach. But in reality, this is a space for manipulation and violation of consumer rights laws. The client must receive information about cooperation on demand.


To be sure that there is no scam, DALEFOX LIMITED advises you to carefully review the broker's website. Make sure that the company is completely open to its customers, does not withhold important information and is willing to get in touch.

Comments (9)
user_avatarFrench Damian 02.12.2021

I get free educational materials and good coaches that help me understand everything about trading on Forex. I never thought that there are opportunities for earnings on the Internet. It is good that this broker presented me. All worth it.

user_avatarWilliams Oliver 13.12.2021

All services provided, highly professional and convenient. The quality of customer service is also at the height. A good broker, with very competitive rates of spread and leverage, trade while profitable.

user_avatarFowler Osborn 15.12.2021

The company seems like a good broker, which provides many interesting opportunities for traders, both beginners and experienced traders. I like that support management managers are friendly and always respond promptly on all questions. I can definitely recommend trying.

user_avatarWatts Virgil 07.01.2022

Many learning content, convenient demo account format. Everything is very accessible and convenient. I can safely recommend.

user_avatarJohns Joseph 16.01.2022

I did not expect to trade with Dalefox limited Consultants will be so pleasant and profitable. This same broker who can safely put a solid five. The quality of services is incredible. Managers are polite, technical support professional.

user_avatarPerry Mark 18.01.2022

Broker is more oriented on professional traders. Its trading conditions do not allow novice to navigate. But this is only my opinion, and, of course, I can be mistaken. Try, risk, achieve your goals.

user_avatarRice Peter 01.02.2022

Broker is completely balanced. However, sometimes there is a rather strong displacement of the spread in unsuitable moments. But if you know a specific trade strategy, it will not harm.

user_avatarHenry Osborn 21.02.2022

The broker is well advertised and these are not empty words, all that they write about it - corresponds to reality. As for the quality of the trading platform - I like it more, easy to use, many tips that, I think will be useful for such newbies as me.

user_avatarLamb Donald 22.02.2022

I work with dalefox limited for some time, and that's what I can say at this stage. dalefox limited is a STP broker, i.e. He transmits orders on; Plus it or minus - depends on your relationship, it does not interfere with it. The broker is registered in 2016 and during its existence well strengthened on the market.