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What do we know about the company Wise Capital Limited?

Wise Capital Limited - reviews of new broker | Wise Capital Limited scam or honest broker? Julius Conley

We’ve decided to make a review on Wise Capital Limited Forex Broker, with the office located in London, United Kingdom. Broker leads its activities in the financial market for more than 10 years. 

In this article, we will study the data on the European Broker Wise Capital Limited. To get the most details, we will use information from the company's official website, as well as carefully read the reviews of traders that we managed to find on the Internet, on different venues. After that, we hope to get the answer to the question - Is Wise Capital Limited scam or reliable company?

Broker Wise Capital Limited - reviews

Most reviews that we managed to find on the Internet about this broker turned out to be very positive. The company has already managed to win a reputation as a reliable partner for its customers.

Many positive reviews by traders about Wise Capital Limited mention:

Trade conditions

Many reviews describe Wise Capital Limited Broker as a company which creates quite comfortable conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation with its clients.

Wise Capital Limited is estimated to traders requests: adequate spreads, good leverage, different types of accounts, many trading tools and bonuses - all this shows customers that company cares about them and makes the cooperation comfortable and easy.

If you carefully examine the reviews of traders, you can see that almost all users very positively appreciated the work of the support service. In touch, the company's specialists are around the clock and are ready to answer all the questions.

Registration procedure

Judging by user reviews, you can register on the site easily

To go through the registration procedure on the site and become a trader, you will need to do a few simple steps:

If at some of the stages you will have difficulty, you can contact the support service and specialists of Wise Capital Limited.

Commissioning and verification, the user choose the commercial account suitable for him or her.

Portfolio types

Each user, becoming a client of this company, can choose a suitable account for himself. Based on experience and starting amount, which the client is willing to invest, he can choose one of six suitable commercial accounts.

The company gives many secure trade tips, and also openly warns of high risks on trader activities. Wise Capital Limited scam department even can help trader with security measures.

"Newcomer". To start work, the amount of 250 EUR should be deposited. The broker provides leverage up to 1: 300. The minimum lot is 0.01, you can choose to trade more than 25 currency pairs. 

Silver - 2000 EUR Minimal deposit. In addition to currencies mentioned above, trader receives 2 other types of tradable assets, more than 50 tools, the ability to trade micro-lots, lending from the company, as well as 4 insured transactions.

Investor - minimum deposit of 5 thousand EUR: 3 types of assets, more than 200 trade instruments, 5 insured transactions, account insurance.

Premium - minimum deposit 10 thousand EUR: 4 types of assets, more than 250 tools, 10 insured transactions, a bonus on account of 50%, training program.

Gold - over 50 thousand EUR: 4 types of assets, more than 300 instruments, 15 insured transactions, 70% bonus, a company is available, a group of signals to the insured contracts, personal analyst.

Black VIP - Over 100 thousand EUR: unlimited access to daily market analytics, VIP trading signals and personal conditions.

Site overview

When we checked the site, it seemed visually attractive, simple and intuitive. It is easy to find all the necessary information.

The site has all the information about the types of accounts.

All the necessary documents, including the User Agreement, can be found in open access, which is important for Wise Capital Limited scam check.

The site has a dictionary of all terms, basic technical information, educational materials, including video.

The broker provides on the site all contact details for which the client can contact the support service and specialists of the site. Main language of the website is English.

Wise Capital Limited Reviews of Transactions

Wise Capital Limited users use bank payments (transfers and bank cards). Also, electronic payment systems are used both for input and output of funds.

The Wise Capital Limited broker closely monitors the safety of client funds, so that all the data and account data are protected by encryption and cannot be available to anyone except the clients themselves.

The company warns that customers cannot pass their login and password to anyone else in order to avoid scam and fraud.

Most financial transactions process quickly and without delays.

In reviews, traders say that money withdrawal time is no more than 12-14 hours. For bank transactions, the term is determined by the Bank and may vary. Payment systems that collaborate with a broker are reliable. Wise Capital Limited scam check during the withdrawal process can create a slight delay.

Conclusions: judging by user reviews, Wise Capital Limited has become a serious and reliable partner for its customers. Even inexperienced user can easily navigate on the site and find all important information. The registration procedure is standard. Verification is needed to comply with security measures. Monetary operations pass without delays. Most traders recommend this company for cooperating.

Comments (6)
user_avatarChase Charles 03.07.2021

With the Wise Capital Limited broker I have been around for 8 months already, I feel quite comfortable. All trading conditions correspond to the stated initially, static spreads invariably keep within their limits, do not jump, no sudden peaks. Trouble-free conclusion, repeatedly verified. The longest here is a one-time verification procedure before the first withdrawal, apparently due to compliance with safety standards. Support inspires confidence, experienced staff, there is a thought that they are also in the subject, they trade))) because they are always up to date on all trends.

user_avatarAlexander Steven 21.07.2021

The last broker had permanent disconnects, all the practices flew. Honestly, fed up. I decided to leave. Coworker advised to open an account in Wise Capital Limited, like, the conditions are favorable and there will be no disconnection to you. I looked for some information about the broker, I was surprised that Wise Capital Limited had been in Russia for about three years now, and it’s still not very well known company and few have heard about it. Decided to take a chance. I have been trading forex for half a year already. Only one minus here is a lack of functionality for the withdraw, I wish some other capacities, such as Kiwi for example. For the rest it's OK, clean, no cheating. No left candles, managers do not interfere. They can only react when orders for stop outs are closed. I was immediately warned about this.

user_avatarLane Percival 24.07.2021

Six months ago I found Wise Capital Limited, I don’t remember how, it seems, I read the ratings and decided to look at the link. It is clear that before registering I looked into all the information, studied the quotations, compared it for several days. It turned out that the output was the same as the average for the market. At the same time spreads are static, this is an excellent solution, very comfortable after dynamic. Orders are executed quickly. All expectations are realized. It remains to add more tools for withdrawing money.

user_avatarAustin David 02.08.2021

It became expensive for me to communicate with BCS at some point, I decided to compare spreads with competitors, gasped and left. I went through market, compared in needed currencies USD and JPY, that I use, and it turned out that the lowest is in Wise Capital Limited. In addition, static spreads are a nice bonus. I am glad that Meta Trader 4 terminal stands, for me this is the most normal platform. There were no failures, disconnects, delays for a month of work. I would like to see new packages and the site updating more often.

user_avatarWade Blaise 12.08.2021

The last couple of weeks I went into trading with Wise Capital Limited. The first impression is quite positive. The broker does not put a commission on withdrawal, only the bank. Quick opening of deals, closing in a couple of seconds. There is a dependence on volatility, not without it. Spreads are low and static. So far, I may not have received the full picture in that time, but I got out of the minus and took the first cream, my first twenty))) and in just half an hour. It is a pity that there is no training, demos and micro accounts. But on the other hand, working in real mode with real transactions there is a chance to get more necessary experience.

user_avatarWilson Sherman 22.08.2021

On my list are gold and oil. If the conditions of the broker do not suit me, I calmly part with it. I leaved Forex Finance when they decided to inflate spreads. Now trading with broker Wise Capital Limited. Yes, the reputation has not been gained yet, still young. I liked feedbacks, it is clear that they were written by real and experienced people. The first contact did not disappoint me. Spreads are really adequate, as it was presented. They are fixed, do not jump with the market in a storm, and on average in the market lower compared with alternative options. It's nice that there is no commission for input and withdrawal. I was also curious to play with cryptocurrency, it turns out that the broker has such an opportunity. That's what upset me a little, so is the terminal. I did not work with MetaTrader 4 before, it took time to study. I did it, but it would be nice to have a choice of terminals.