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Overview of the position and prospects of Volkswagen in the auto market. Production history

Volkswagen position in the automotive market Julius Conley ★★★★★

There are sedans that are more popular than the Volkswagen Passat, or at least that have had so much continuity throughout history. The German sedan dates back to 1973 and since that year more than 30 million units have been sold worldwide. It is the second most successful model of the brand after the Volkswagen Golf and is currently in its eighth generation. And yet, that has not prevented its sedan body from being manufactured.

The four-door Volkswagen Passat, although it is still available in the Spanish configurator, it seems that it will stop producing at the end of 2021 and that it will stop accepting orders. It is an exit from the market that happens earlier than expected, since the commercial life of this specimen could have been extended until 2023 in normal situations. However, the strong arrival of the Volkswagen Arteon, which has cannibalized some sales, and also the growth of the family body have finished sentencing it.

Because it must be made clear that the five-door Volkswagen Passat Variant will continue to be sold, as will its Passat Alltrack jacket version. The interior space and that extra in the trunk have made a difference and many users are opting for this family rather than the sedan. In addition, those who are currently looking for a three-volume model also have the option of the Arteon, much more attractive on an aesthetic level and with similar levels of habitability (although also much more expensive).

It is a rather drastic decision, since it is the first time that only one body of the Passat is sold, which since 1973 had been available in both saloon and family format. They will continue to coexist, for the time being, the familiar Passat with the two Arteons, until the arrival of a much more advanced sedan. There is no date yet (there is talk of 2023), but it will be what is known today as Volkswagen Aero-B, a fully electric model that would be the reinterpretation of the Passat for a future with zero emissions.

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