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Fraud schemes

Six signs of a scam. How to determine accurately that you are facing scammers. Julius Conley

Six signs of a scam. How to determine accurately that you are facing scammers. 

  1. Guarantees of high income – much higher than the market. Only a bank can guarantee profitability, and deposit rates are currently 6-7% per annum. You can earn more in other places, but this is always associated with market risk. If you are guaranteed more than 20%, it is definitely a divorce.
  2. Aggressive and intrusive advertising.
  3. Preliminary fee for the right to join the project. That is, in addition to the investment, you just pay the organizers. This is clearly an impure "game".
  4. Please bring in new clients for generous fees from their contribution. This is also used by legal companies, but their percentage is usually small - 1-2%, maximum 5%. Scammers do not "skimp" - they give 20 - 30% at once.
  5. Offshore company registration. All legal financial offices now have a legal residence permit in Russia.
  6. Insurance of funds in a little-known company. Carefully read the terms of the contract. It may turn out that in fact, the risk of non-return of your savings is "forgotten" to insure.


Take care of your card data

Do you risk getting involved in questionable investment projects? That's cool. But this does not mean that you are 100% protected from scammers. Some of them choose more direct ways of taking money than playing on human greed. These criminals profit from other feelings – fear and confusion.

For example, they send an SMS with the text " Your card is blocked. Call back on the phone... "or they call and happily inform you that you are entitled to "compensation from the Ministry of Finance". The task of scammers is to extort your personal data, in particular your bank card data, by any means. Do not give in to persuasion (use simple safety rules-see the graphics).

Another common method of deception is messages allegedly from relatives or friends. Previously, attackers called potential victims-in the hope that someone would grab their heart when they heard " Mom. I'm with the police. I could get locked up." After that, the restless parents were professionally processed by phone to bring a large amount of money to a conditional place. Now the scheme looks like this: they hack a person's page on a social network, come up with a plausible story, and then start sending messages to all online friends with a request to urgently transfer money. Usually a small amount, which will not be a pity to lose. In both cases, the first rule is to call the person who asks you for money. And ask if he really needs the money urgently. If the phone is not available, ask the online interlocutor to recall some fact from your general biography: for example, an event or a childhood nickname. Something that only the two of you or a limited circle of friends can know. 



Before you give money to any financial company, be sure to check the license and whether it is in the register of the Central Bank. Information can be found on the website in the section " Financial markets/Supervision of financial market participants". This means that the Central Bank controls the activities of this company. And the risks are minimized. It is important to help older people to protect their money from scammers. This category of citizens is the most attractive for intruders. When receiving messages from strangers, they should not take their word for it. It is better to call your family and friends first and consult with them. SMART WORDS

A binary option is a type of exchange-traded contract. The bottom line is that the client bets on the rise or fall of one currency against another (or any other asset). The game takes place on the Internet. If the client has guessed correctly, he doubles the capital and gives the commission to the broker (on average 15-20%). If you don't guess correctly, you lose everything you put on the line.

A forex dealer is a company that provides access to trading on the foreign exchange market. In Russia, only 8 forex dealers have a Central Bank license.

An offshore company is one that is registered in another country, with a more favorable tax system and other preferences. This means that the Russian supervisory authorities do not monitor its activities. And all the risks are borne by the client. If anything, he will have to prove his case abroad.

Social engineering - in this context, it is a set of methods of psychological influence that fraudsters use to persuade the victim to give them money.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. The most famous: Bitcoin and Ethereum. They were created by programmers to compete with traditional dollars, euros, rubles, and others. In cash, cryptocurrencies do not exist - only in digital form. Last year, cryptocurrencies rose sharply in price - tens or even hundreds of times. This is why there is an increased interest in them, including from scammers. This year, bitcoin and its analogues have fallen in price several times. Some experts consider cryptocurrencies to be the future world money. While others are more skeptical and perceive them as a global pyramid scheme.

A token is an analog of a security in digital form. They are sold by young companies that want to create some kind of virtual technology. It is usually associated with the same cryptocurrencies. They say that now we will raise money, launch the project, and then all token owners (in fact, shareholders) will profit from it. In most cases, this is used by scammers. They build castles in the air, and in fact collect money from gullible citizens and disappear.

Skimming is a method of stealing from bank cards. Special equipment is used, which is installed on the ATM. It reads data from a magnetic tape. And the PIN code is recognized either with the help of an overhead keyboard, or with the help of a micro-camera. Then a duplicate card is made, which allows you to empty the victim's account. This method is gradually coming to naught. Most banks now only issue cards with a chip. It is protected from such information reading.


We have compiled a list of brokers, that we recommend avoiding.

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