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Review of the fraudulent project Or can I trust it? Review of the fraudulent project Julius Conley

 According to the fraudsters themselves, on their platform it is possible to make transactions not only with cryptocurrency, but also to earn income from exchange rate fluctuations.

It also provides an opportunity to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money and other coins. But you should not trust these scammers from the get-go.

All these stories are designed to trap inexperienced traders and trick them into cash. No wonder that there are so many negative comments about this company on the Internet. The supposedly transparent conditions of transactions are simply ignored. This is all because there is no license and regulator.

This means that you invest your savings in the air.

This company officially does not exist. And for this reason, you will never be able to prove anything. This is not the first broker with these scammers. Earlier they had launched a project where they also tricked naive users for a lot of money.

Scammers extol their portal in every way in the Internet, but all information provided on the fraud site is just water. In fact, no useful information is not provided here. All the information serves only to fill the site. In fact, the scammers simply on the simply pry money from their customers and do not disdain anything. The main goal of these scammers is personal income, without taxes and commissions. They are looking for their new clients through social networks. They will call the phone number of the victim until they get what is theirs, namely, the initial deposit. Do not forget that this company operates without a license and regulator, which would allow for brokerage activities on the Internet. For this reason, do not rush to invest money in this deceitful organization. You will definitely be cheated here. The scammers will do it so that you yourself will be surprised how quickly you were deprived of all your savings.

The scammers bear no responsibility for the loss of money by using a lying portal. Registration of an account is also not required from the user. But as it turns out further in the case if a new user wants to withdraw money from the system, he will be proposed in a rude and aggressive manner to verify the personal data. This organization - the scammers, as evidenced by the fact that the user agreement of the company is written in English. You are just blindly investing your money in this organization. They operate on a simple principle - you yourself are in trouble and you sort it out! The scammers have nothing to do with your lost money, although they are the ones who stole it.

As you can see no security for your money, as well as personal and confidential information fraudsters do not provide. So why should you want to cooperate with this deceitful broker? We strongly recommend that you do not contact with a false organization, unless of course you want to lose all your savings and your savings.



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