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Fraudulent schemes for buying, selling and renting apartments.

Real estate fraud is a complex of deliberate actions aimed at illegal acquisition of property rights or monetary assets by deception or abuse of trust. Scammers can be individual citizens, legal entities, sole proprietors, as well as groups of people united by a single criminal goal. Real estate fraud entails the application of appropriate penalties

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Overview about - forex broker

The fraudulent project started recently - in November 2018. Nevertheless, the site is already surrounded by negative reviews. It is clear why. Let's start with the fact that the project offers to 'earn' by trading cryptocurrency.

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DMtrade - reviews and review of

Bitcoin has fallen by 15% more, cryptocurrencies are losing relevance, the introduction of blockchain technology is slowing significantly - only dreamers and scammers can make money from investing in this, and the latter only need to hide behind data, because they do not conduct any real activity.

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