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How to get divorced on dating sites and how not to become a victim of fraud.

On dating sites, scammers are able to act in different ways. Julius Conley


Dating sites are designed to help single people find their soulmate. However, often such Internet portals become a place of fishing for scammers. What benefits can scammers get on dating sites, how do they deceive their victims, and what do you need to know to avoid deception?

The main schemes of fraud on dating sites

On dating sites, scammers are able to act in different ways. They have several well-established schemes, knowing which you can recognize the criminal and protect yourself. More often, the victims of deceivers are gullible and sentimental women of any age and a certain social status.

Consider the most common ways to cheat on dating sites.

Let's go for a ride, pretty girl!

The scheme applies to both sexes, but more often to women who seek a beautiful and expensive life at someone else's expense.

The main schemes of fraud on dating sites

On dating sites, scammers are able to act in different ways. They have several well-established schemes, knowing which you can recognize the criminal and protect yourself. More often, the victims of deceivers are gullible and sentimental women of any age and a certain social status.

The main schemes of fraud on dating site

On dating sites, scammers are able to act in different ways. They have several well-established schemes, knowing which you can recognize the criminal and protect yourself. More often, the victims of deceivers are gullible and sentimental women of any age and a certain social status.

The attacker creates an account and posts photos of luxury life on it: restaurants, yachts, villas, chic beaches, positioning it as his usual pastime. After some communication with the potential victim, the fraudster offers her to spend the weekend, for example, on the coast of some paradise resort.

Inspired by the upcoming trip, the woman loses her head. In the meantime, the conditions of the trip become interesting – to pay for a ticket or flight, because the "prince" allegedly suddenly blocked the account, does not have time to reach the transfer or other reasons because of which it is not possible to make a payment. And he has already found some better hotel, surprises her and arranges everything, but there was such an annoying nuisance. He undertakes to cover all expenses upon arrival at the place. He asks a woman to pay for the trip, who transfers money to him personally or pays for tickets and a ticket. After payment, there are 2 possible scenarios:

The fraudster disappears as soon as he receives the money. This is the most common outcome of such a scam.

The attacker really flies to rest with his "chosen one", but rests at her expense, guaranteeing to return all expenses after returning home. Of course, there can be no question of any monetary refund, and the deceiver in the end just rested at someone else's expense.

This scheme also works with some men who are attracted to the luxurious life of a woman they like.

Women love the generous

This method is similar to the previous one, since it is focused on women's trustfulness and love for gifts. This method of deception is used by scammers posing as foreigners. The scheme is as follows: after a long conversation, a man tells a woman that he wants to send her a gift in the form of an expensive thing – an iPhone, jewelry or a branded handbag. To do this, he only needs to find out the phone number of the woman to fill in the recipient's contacts in the mail.

After some time, the woman receives an SMS from the courier service on the phone, in which it is required to transfer funds for the payment for the delivery of the parcel from abroad to the specified details. In correspondence with a generous fan, it turns out that he either did not have the opportunity to pay for delivery (for example, the courier site allegedly accepts only Yandex-money payments), or he simply forgot to do it, but promises to reimburse all expenses from day to day. The trusting lady transfers the required amount (usually about $ 50) and waits for her gift.

According to the law of the genre, a woman does not receive a parcel, money, or admirer in the end. After receiving the money, the fraudster deletes the profile from the dating site, and all his data that the woman could remember is invalid and it will be difficult to find him. And the website of the supposedly courier service turns out to be a fake page.

Help anyone who can!

Putting pressure on pity is the most common deception scheme that works on most women. This method is as follows: the deceiver communicates with his lady of the heart for a long time, confesses his feelings to her and promises a heavenly life together in the near future, marriage.

And when it seems that a happy life is just around the corner, the admirer suddenly has a misfortune that becomes an obstacle on the way to it. Most often, scammers "happen" the following:

trauma as a result of a terrible accident;

severe sudden illness;

the business began to have serious problems up to the point of ruin;

military skirmishes have begun in the country and there is no way to leave it;

borrowers "threw" on the money, but they promise to return everything soon.

This is not a complete list of possible situations – the attackers have enough imagination for various heartwarming stories. But the goal is the same-to cause pity in a woman and to entice her money to help in a difficult situation, and we are talking about the amounts of several tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles. Where can a woman in love go, who has set up plans for a happy future? And what is money when a happy family life is at stake?

Alert should be the fact that despite the presence of serious problems in life, a person finds time to go to dating sites and conduct correspondence there.

Single father and cute daughter

This divorce scheme on dating sites is designed for the maternal feelings of single women. After all, fathers who raise children alone cause a lot of emotion and admiration on the part of the female sex.

How do the attackers act according to this scheme? When communicating with a compassionate woman, a man complains about a difficult life situation: his wife left or died, leaving him with a baby, who is also seriously ill. And there is no money for a decent life or for the treatment of a child. And she is the one and only woman who can easily become his wife and replace the child's mother.

The fraudster will come up with pitiful stories to soften his victim and extort more money from her. In this situation, you need to request documents that prove both the presence of the child himself and the presence of a serious illness. As a rule, the swindler quickly lags behind the woman who insistently demands proof.

No one writes to the Colonel

The military is a special caste that has increased female attention. This is often used by scammers on dating sites. The deceiver creates a questionnaire on the site on behalf of a brave officer of the American or any other foreign army from a developed country. Of course, "genuine" photos will testify to the officer rank and valor of the admirer.

After finding the victim, the fraudster writes to her that he fell in love at first sight. But the network is rarely released, because the brave cause is above all. He writes little and mostly falls asleep with compliments to the woman, "dreaming" of an early reunion with her. Such heroes cause the ladies respect, but at the same time compassion and pity.

What does the deceiver really want? Money, of course! He can extort them under any pretext – help for his children who stayed at home with their grandmother or nanny, help for the benefit of the army, help for injured civilians, or funds for his treatment after a "combat wound".

How to recognize a scammer on a dating site?

In fact, it is easy to recognize cheaters on a dating site. They have several characteristic features that give them out to scoundrels:

Showing excessive perseverance in order to get acquainted with the" liked " victim. Many women note that they often come across frighteningly persistent men on dating sites who pretend to be decent. Some women do not support communication with such incomprehensible gentlemen, but most like it when they are wooed, even after hearing "no". Having met such a man on a dating site, you should be wary. To understand that he is a fraudster, you can ask him a few bold questions regarding further communication. Many gentlemen-swindlers talk about the seriousness of their intentions, despite the fact that they do not know their "chosen one" at all.

Choosing a potential victim. It does not happen by chance, because not every woman is able to "dissolve" in a virtual novel to the point of losing her head. So, business and successful ladies are unlikely to miss their potential friend from a dating site, since amorous affairs are not paramount in their lives. But quiet intelligent women, more often stay-at-home, on the contrary, easily fall in love and trust their virtual cavaliers. These are ladies of professions of budgetary spheres – doctors and nurses, teachers, librarians, as well as housewives, whose life is not full of colors, but you want to plunge into a romantic adventure, like into a whirlpool with your head.

Rare meetings. Often, virtual communication turns into real meetings, and only on the territory of the victim or in the apartment / hotel room rented by the lady after the swindler's sworn promises to reimburse everything. Trips to restaurants and other places are possible, which also have to be paid for by a woman. 

How to check the candidate?

To make sure that there is no fan in front of you, but just a "bred" for money, arrange a check for him. How to do this:

Ask a persistent fan if they are on other similar sites or on social networks. If it goes away from the answer, then check it yourself: look for it through the search engine. As a rule, scammers use a fake first and last name and create one profile on one site, just to engage in fraud. Most likely, you are unlikely to find your "chosen one" somewhere else.

You can check the candidate for the cavaliers by means of simple questions. View the information in your profile about what a person writes about themselves. Ask him questions about his profession (most often the activity of a businessman is indicated), family, etc. Most often, scammers ignore questions, replacing the answers with another stream of compliments, or answer vaguely, vaguely.

Scammers download photos from the Internet and pass them off as their own. As a rule, this is a photo of successful people living a luxurious life. To bring the cavalier to the surface, periodically ask him to send you fresh photos taken at the moment. The deceiver will find a thousand reasons to justify the inability to send a photo now, but promising to do it in the near future.

Pay attention to the manner of virtual communication. Scammers do not differ in sincerity in their feelings, so they use the text "under a carbon copy" and template impersonal compliments-sweet, dear, beautiful, etc. However, there are also scammers with imagination who can write beautifully and truthfully.

Security rules on dating sites

As strange as it may sound, but in search of love on dating sites, you need to be careful. To do this, it is enough to follow a number of simple rules:

When viewing the profiles of potential husbands/wives, you do not need to lose your head after seeing a beautiful photo and an equally worthy resume. Vigilance must always be present.

You should check the candidate you like by entering his first and last name, as well as a photo through any search engine on the Internet. Information about the person in the photo will appear in the search results. As practice shows, scammers use other people's photos to attract attention.

Many men are insistent to the ladies in their demand to send intimate photos. It is absolutely not necessary to do this, otherwise it will become a reason for blackmail.

Do not send money to a person with whom you are not personally familiar, and even more so do not give him personal information that contributes to the hacking of bank data and the theft of funds.

Show indifference to photos and information about sick children or adults where you need to raise money. In this way, scammers often cover up for luring money.

Punishing scammers

It is difficult to prove that fraud took place in relation to the victim, whether male or female. It is difficult to confirm that the money or property of the victims was stolen under the influence of deception, based on their desire to find a couple, willingness to do anything for the sake of their other half.

However, it is not the victim who must prove fraudulent theft, but the police officers. Therefore, if you still fall for the bait, you need to write a statement to the police about bringing the culprit to justice 

If the crime under Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Fraud" is established, the former future lover faces responsibility and punishment:

If the amount stolen was up to 2,500 rubles-administrative liability under Article 7.27 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation "Petty theft". If the court decides on the guilt of Alphonse, he will be fined up to 5 times the value of the stolen goods, arrested for up to 15 days or mandatory work for up to 120 hours.

If the amount of material damage is from 2,500 to 5,000 rubles, criminal liability will already occur under Part 1 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. As payback for the crime, the Criminal Code provides for the mildest punishment in the form of a fine of up to 120 thousand rubles, the most severe-imprisonment for up to 2 years.

If a group of persons who conspired in advance to commit a crime together participated in the deception in order to take possession of the victim's property, or the citizen suffered significant damage (estimated based on the property status, but can not be lower than 5,000 rubles) – possible liability under Part 2 of Article 159. For such an act, a fraudster can be imprisoned for up to 5 years.

With a large amount of material losses (more than 250 thousand rubles), you will have to answer under Part 3 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The maximum penalty for such criminals is isolation from society in places of imprisonment for up to 6 years.

Particularly large damage (over 1 million rubles).) for the victim or the loss of their right to housing as a result of fraud entails liability under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The maximum possible penalty is 10 years in prison.


Dating on special sites is a great, but not always safe way to establish a personal life. Always keep a cool mind and do not see beautiful pictures and pleasant communication. Many scammers are good psychologists who know how to establish communication with a particular person in such a way as to lure him into communication and manipulate him.



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