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Keller Ltd review: The Forex broker to fit everyone

Keller Ltd Customer Review Julius Conley ★★★★★

Finding a Forex broker is not a problem nowadays, there are lots of companies in this market, offering this and that, and each of them claims its offer is the best available. This makes sense in terms of promotion, of course, but it also makes our task harder. Forex trade by far is not the easiest investment opportunity, but definitely quite an interesting one. And choosing a broker has never been so hard, especially taking into account the fact, that you have to pick the right company to trade with. And which is more important, that you can avoid fraudsters hiding behind the image of such company.

So we need the right broker, that is the plan; it doesn’t matter whether we just begin trading of we want to change the existing partner for some reason. That makes task a bit harder. Let’s take a closer look at Forex broker Keller Ltd and try to find out whether it fits us as a) broker for beginners b) broker for experienced users.

How do we start this process, or rather where from? Nothing original – our little investigation starts at Keller Ltd official website. They do have mobile application either, but there are several reasons to bypass this point for now. Firstly, applications functionality usually is limited in comparison with the desktop platforms. Secondly, desktop platform is just more convenient to use. We mean in general, not for zoomers who were born with smartphones in their hands and who put it aside just before going to sleep. And finally but importantly, we can take our time to make the conclusion based on facts. That is why we want to see and to test as many things as Forex broker Keller Ltd has to offer, of course.

The website design is not something extravagant; the focus is rather on usability and simplicity of navigation. The requisites are where they should be, that is good. We also see that the company provides more than enough information on its services, including educational and help info, which also makes the right impression. It may seem not too interesting for an experienced user but could be helpful for a beginner.

The latter could definitely need some help, especially taking into account that trading online with Forex trader Keller Ltd is not limited to Forex deals. The company also offers trades with other asset classes. They are not the first to combine the traditional markets and Forex within one platform, but it doesn’t make the whole concept worse. Unfortunately, this option is available not for all  account types with Keller Ltd. By the way, speaking about account types and features – it is time to pay more attention to these details (see table).

Account types offered by Keller Ltd


Minimal deposit – EUR100

9 major currencies

- Get Started,

- More than 25 tools available,

- personal account manager,

3 insured trades;

- fixed/floating spreads.


Minimal deposit – EUR 2,500

2 types of assets

- Get started,

- More than 50 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- micro-lot trading,

- company landing,

4 insured trades,

- fixed/floating spreads.


Minimal deposit – EUR20,000

3 types of assets

- Get started,

- more than 200 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- account insurance,

- 5 insured trades,

- micro-lot trading,

- fixed/floating spreads.


Minimal deposit – EUR100,000

4 types of assets

- Get started,

- more than 250 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- 10 insured trades,

- mentor training program,

- fixed/floating spreads,

- 50% bonus,

- account insurance,

- Group of signals for contracts.


Minimal deposit – EUR200,000

4 types of assets

- Get started,

- More than 300 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- 15 insured trades,

- 70% bonus,

- аccess to company reserve fund,

- group of signals for insured contracts,

- fixed / floating spreads,

- personal analyst,

- account insurance.


The minimal threshold of EUR100 looks acceptable. Well, that is probably because it is average market’s level, nothing extraordinary. The set of options accompanying that minimal deposit does not strike our imagination, of course. But we are looking at the Beginner account, therefore these options are more than enough for a person who is just starting career in trading. 9 major currencies and 25 tools may seem even too many things to follow at first.  And, which is also important, your personal account manager is at your services. Meanwhile more experienced users would more likely look at other types of accounts. More tools, more options and, finally, more assets to trade.  

But there is another thing those experienced users would likely noticed (and appreciated, we hope). If you are a beginner, just trust us – having fixed or floating spreads is much better having than just one option of these two. It is quite hard to explain in a single phrase though. There are good and bad things about fixed spreads and floating spreads as well, depending on the conditions of the market like time of the day, liquidity etc. It is up to which spreads you like more, but the alternative is always better.

Another positive thing regarding all Keller Ltd account types is Get started stage for all of them. That can appear to be pretty useful for all categories of users. The basic platform – MetaTrader – is quite popular, but it doesn’t mean that the company’s own modification of it will be exactly the same. So spending some time on learning at the beginning and saving our time in future sounds like a good plan.  

OK, we have picked the account type that fits us the most. There is one more stage separating us from the start of trading technically (the last one). Yes, the registration procedure, quite standard one in this case. In theory, we could just fill 4 boxes in – name, surname, e-mail and phone number and go further.

But there is also practical experience, which suggests it is better to complete the full registration at once. Yet another advice to beginners – do not hurry, complete the full registration before the start. You still can’t be able to deposit or withdraw money without the account verification. Upload the ID, wait until it is confirmed by the company and start trading. This sequence makes sense and does not take much time, really.

By the way, the payment methods supported by Keller Ltd include bank transfers, CashU, and Visa and MasterCard as well. Not the fastest, but trusted and reliable combination. The withdrawal takes up to 2 days – that is why we call the available option not the fastest.

It feels like we know enough about Forex broker Keller Ltd to make some preliminary conclusions. Why only preliminary? We will explain it a bit later. But as for now we can say that there are some weak points in Keller Ltd positions as our potential investment partner. They are as following:

But the advantages, given below, outnumber them:

Therefore, pros beat cons, both by quantity and quality. The only significant disadvantage in our opinion is the fact, that a trader who is going to try operations with various asset classes will have to deposit EUR2,500 or more. That’s quite a significant sum for many people these days. In our opinion something like, say, Bronze account with EUR1,000 deposit and a couple of asset types would be just fine. On the other hand, a beginner who is just trying to start trading on Forex, can trust his investments to Keller Ltd. The starting package of the company meets his needs as we see them.

Everything seems clear, but our review of Keller Ltd as of 2022 still looks incomplete in a way. How so? It is very simple – we have studied everything company says about itself. But there are also other people with a record of being its clients, let’s find out what they think. Sometimes it is even more interesting – you never know who can wear the image of a respected broker.

Corporate conflicts, regulators’ actions, quarrels with angry clients, former managers – there are lots of things to look for, and all of them can be found on the web. So we will browse through specialized forums, look for Keller Ltd reviews and try to find out if there is something wrong about the company. Filter out the emotions and claims with no facts, pay attention to specific details – that is the right approach.

Say, if someone’s says company A doesn’t let its client earn – it may mean something in theory, but most likely it is a pure outburst of emotions. Some people like drama and see it everywhere. Alternatively, it may be a part of campaign, sponsored and inspired by the company’s competitors. That happens with user reviews, and even more often than one may think.

However, if you see that company B doesn’t let its client withdraw money within the specified term of X days or even longer, which is confirmed by screenshots, details, and the words of other traders.... That is most likely a clear signal to stay away from this company. Luckily, we haven’t found reviews about Keller Ltd of this kind mentioning them or accusing them of significant wrongdoings.

This is yet another aspect to keep in mind when you are about to make the final decision whether the broker is right for you or it would be better to look for another one. We can just hope that our review about Keller Ltd as of 2022 could save you some time and would be useful in the process of making this decision. 

We have compiled a list of brokers, that we recommend avoiding.

Comments (16)
user_avatarZachary Harris

The fact that it accepts money, and no complicated steps - yes. You can work quietly enough and without too many nerves, the main thing for us is what? Receiving money quickly, without problems and with a small commission.

user_avatarSherri Johnson

About a month ago I had to go on an urgent business trip and I just did not have access to a computer. There were still open trades, and in general they didn't want to stop trading. I switched to the mobile app. Turns out it works, and works great, just as well as trading on a PC. I just came across another company that has an app, but can't work through it. And here it is surprisingly good, turned out to work smoothly. There's even analytical capabilities. All in all, a complete app. So if anyone needs it, you can safely trade through it.

user_avatarMildred Carlson

My last withdrawal didn't take a day. It actually took a little over 12 hours. More than once I've come across brokers promising one thing in the rules, but it actually takes longer.

user_avatarCatherine Jones

Opened a basic account with Keller Finance Limited broker in November. Relyed on the performance of the AUD and NZD pair. Spreads on all currencies are static, do not jump, it is comfortable and predictable to work. They have all the necessary information about the different currencies. The callback is okay, but it takes a long time. I have only one MetaTrader 4 platform unfortunately. I like the terminal, but there is the fifth version, why not to put both platforms on the site?

user_avatarChristopher Anderson

I didn't want to try online trading on the first one, I'm old fashioned that way, and it doesn't make any sense to me. But I certainly don't regret trying this company. Now I have a steady extra income.

user_avatarAshley Hall

I started trading recently, I opened my first real account with forex broker Keller Finance Limited. I also use other broker's services, such as demo accounts. I thought I got enough experience to switch to real trades and start earning. All my trading conditions have been satisfactory. I cannot withdraw my deposit because the spreads are not high and static. I trade by the broker's analytics which is not a thumb in the sky and the result is quite predictable. I have never tried to trade here before but I still have not considered it as too early to buy more expensive forex brokerage products. There are four tariffs in total. They are not much, but they are enough for me and the technical support is working for 5 points.

user_avatarJames Fleming

I'm a "fresh" customer at the company. I still can not say for sure about my impressions of trading, but I can say with confidence that the company staff, and in particular the support team, are great people. The registration was accepted by me without any problems.

user_avatarMills Christopher 12.12.2022

Once once I received a positive slip. It is nice that orders can slide both in minus and plus. Not everyone like that. And the rest I like keller finance limited, you can believe me - I have something to compare.

user_avatarPark Robert 19.12.2022

I believe that the main work of the broker comes down to the stability of the terminal, the clear performance of orders and normal input and output of money. All this is with keller finance limited. And yes, for sweets - bonuses and stocks are very decent.

user_avatarHodge Collin 27.12.2022

For serious work keller finance limited - quite suitable. The trade does not interfere, the support is very competent, it is clear that people did not come from the street, understand trade. He turned several times - they answered and decided everything quickly.

user_avatarPaul Lynch 04.01.2023

Keller Finance Limited Broker offers quite effective customer support, especially through the chat. A broker is loved for an unhindered and unhindered opening of an account and many free options for replenishment and withdrawal of funds. It can also boast of low trading commissions and a transparent structure of commissions. The opportunities for learning are also great, and the only drawback may be the range of products limited by Forex, CFD and cryptocurrencies. Since they request only a small minimum deposit, and the commission for inaction enters into force only after three months, any potential trader can try the broker with confidence and great expectations. They should be able to trade calmly, knowing that they are in the safe hands of experienced representatives of the customer support service ready to help in solving any trade issues. Their good service combined with a deep understanding of various financial markets allows even novice traders to confidently enter these markets.

user_avatarAdam Brown 20.01.2023

I was looking for convenient tools, broker. He underwent investment training (shares, bonds, portfolio). I watched more than one free seminar. I use all possible tools. Over the past 3 months, he corrected and increased the portfolio more than once, understood the intricacies, theory. He worked out homework, which he did not very successfully carry out in order to understand, exclude repetition of errors in the future, understand the idea, etc. At the moment, it has been clearly determined that it is convenient for me to work with promotions through Keller Finance Limited (here is a common account), and with bonds I also work through the Keller Finance Limited. He began strictly according to the technology and adhered to everything that I learned and considered necessary. Additionally, I draw long -term, medium -term and short -term investment plans for myself. So that all this led to a specific goal, and if I go astray, the presentation after reading would return me to the road of the investor, which I developed and adhere to. All this is writing for what - thank you very much for your training, such an approach, continuous improvement of your product and approaches! The most reasonable investment is in their knowledge that provide the future. Now they are with me forever.

user_avatarRobert Perkins 27.01.2023

Keller Finance Limited boasts of low trading commissions and a transparent structure of commissions. The opportunities for learning are also great, and the only drawback may be the range of products limited by Forex. He underwent investment training: then he began to look for the tools convenient for himself, a good and reliable broker and at the moment clearly decided that it would be convenient for me to work with promotions through the Keller Finance Limited (here is a common broker account), and with bonds I also work through it. But in order for the money to work, and not just lay you need to understand what to invest in. Therefore, he began to look for information on the Internet and stumbled upon the investment website from the forex broker Keller Finance Limited. There is a whole series of training courses, which talks about the stock market and about general financial literacy. From there I learned what a complex percentage was and learned knowledge regarding the exchange market. Additionally, I draw long -term, medium -term and short -term investment plans for myself. So that all this led to a specific purpose.

user_avatarFranklin Williams

If we talk about the Keller Ltd broker, then I watched with interest how the company gradually turns into a trading giant. And believe me, this is not in vain. He fully deserves his excellent reputation. In my opinion, if you open an account in such a risky business as trading on Forex, then only a reliable and time -tested broker with a good reputation. For me, Keller Ltd is such a broker. I started trading 10 years ago and even then it was a reliable and proven broker. I installed a mobile application on my phone and now with great pleasure I often work in it anywhere. A huge number of traders around the world trust the broker. Broker is a sponsor of many sporting events. On the company's page you can read reviews in order to make a balanced decision when choosing a broker. In addition, you can leave your reviews. KELLER LTD Broker supports the modern platform, which is considered a certain standard in trade, so many traders will be convenient to switch to this broker, since they will not encounter any difficulties.

user_avatarSteve Smith

It’s easy to work with Keller Ltd even a beginner (I have recently been so recently and I understand what kind of help is needed in the early stages). Traiders support a number of useful indicators for trading. The broker constantly updates the platform, and the recently updated version is better and contains indicator tools, oscillators, advisers and ready to use strategy. Regarding the withdrawal of money, then everything is at the highest level. As in the case of making a deposit, a reliable broker should have the opportunity to withdraw by any means. The most common is bank transfer. But in some parts of the world it is difficult to use it. Therefore, they choose a broker with a wide variety of ways to withdraw earnings - bank cards, electronic wallets. Keller LTD differs from other brokers with its approach to training. Although most of them offer training as an additional service (often paid), they provide it for free. I really liked the services of a broker, and they were completely reliable. If you do not plan to put anything on Keller Ltd beyond what you have in your pocket, then this is the best broker. So, I have great respect for the Keller Ltd broker because they managed to create a real association of traders who can work as one coated team.

user_avatarJoe Sutton

A reliable trading platform that includes, in my opinion, everything that is necessary for a typical retail trader for successful trading is market orders and many variations of conditional orders that allow you to act as an internal liquidity supplier and receive more favorable prices. Their professional and friendly staff will help you answer your questions and solve your problems quickly and with respect. Forex market is indeed one of the most profitable and effective areas in the market. This is true. And I advise many to try. But of course, you need to get acquainted with her well and practice on the demo account. I use their platform, and, my God, this is one smooth, well-structured platform, which also allows the use of trailing stop on the server. Keller LTD differs from other brokers with its approach to training and it is worth paying attention to this and take training seriously. Recently, a status system was added to the broker. The system seems to me quite comfortable, and even such active traders as I, it gives more opportunities.