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Overview of the situation related to the blocking of donations to truckers

GoFundMe blocks donations collected for truckers. Finding a Solution Julius Conley ★★★★

GoFundMe blocks $10 million in donations to Canadian truckers, bitcoiners build alternative.

 The power of a decentralized and unstoppable money system also comes in handy in Canada. The GoFundMe campaign for the truckers has been suspended by the platform, freezing more than $10 million in donations. At the same time, a parallel fundraiser has been launched with bitcoin.

There is a big demonstration going on in Canada, with truck drivers in the lead role. People from all over the world sent donations to the Canadian truck drivers who protested against the corona restrictions. In total, more than $10 million was raised.

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However, this money does not end up with the truckers themselves, GoFundMe reports with the following disclaimer: "This fundraiser has currently been interrupted and is being reviewed to ensure it complies with our Terms of Service and applicable laws and regulations."

Initially, the donation platform announced that it would go one step further. Instead of automatically repaying the amount to the donors, the plan was to give the money away to organizations of their own choice.

After a lot of criticism, GoFundMe has returned to that today. You can read more about this in a blog post. The money is automatically returned to the beneficiaries.

Bitcoin as a solution

In response to these financial interventions, a group of Canadians has proposed a solution: Bitcoin. Bitcoin is decentralized, which means that no central entity can gain control over it. In addition, any one in the world can use it as a Money Network.

A number of well-known Canadian Bitcoiners promote this action, including Jeff Booth and Greg Foss. All bitcoin that is retrieved ends up in a multisig wallet, according to initiator BTC Sessions. Foss confirms this on Twitter.

In practice, it means that 3 people jointly manage the funds. In this case, they assume the role of GoFundMe as ultimately responsible for the money.

At the time of writing, about 1.5 bitcoin has been raised, worth more than $60,000.

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