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The project is a broker that offers beginners to try their hand at trading. The essence of this project comes down to pushing a "trading platform". Although, the true motives of the project owners lie much deeper. As always, we are dealing with a brokerage kitchen. This means that the "brokerage company" is just a web resource, which has neither documents, nor capital, nor conscience...

The fraudulent project started recently - in November 2018.

Nevertheless, the site is already surrounded by negative reviews. It is clear why. Let's start with the fact that the project offers to "earn" by trading cryptocurrency. It's funny, but these homegrown "brokers" are like people are idiots. Everyone knows where the cryptocurrency rates are now (not the best). And scammers, as usual, say the same thing.

Earning, moreover, a lot and quickly, on cryptocurrency will not work. As a result, the project offers a knowingly unprofitable area of investment. Shouldn't professional, moreover, "brokers" be aware of the market situation? However, let's not digress. Basically, there is not much information on the site. Still, there is a section called "Terms and Conditions". It contains a document that is intended to regulate the relationship between the two parties.

The regulations state: "2.12. We make no express or implied categorical warranties as to: (a) that the Trading Platform will be available at all times or on a continuous basis" (c). This is the first sign of fraud. The fact is, if you trade through their platform, they are obligated to make it available at all costs. Otherwise, we get the following picture:

You see a good deal, you try to make it, but alas and ah: access to the platform is not possible. This is the "trick" used by many black brokers. It's called forgery and deliberate obstruction. Note that brokers use such steps to drive the user into debt. If you run out of money, they will induce you to take out a loan, promising a quick and big profit.

The next paragraph from the regulations also raises a lot of questions: "2.12. We make no express or implied categorical warranties as to: (d) that the Trading Platform is free of viruses and any other carriers of harmful and destructive characteristics, including those that lead to loss or damage to data and other property." (с). What do you say to that? Shouldn't they guarantee the security of the platform?

Notice, we have only covered two points from the "Terms and Conditions" regulation. However, even this is enough to understand the simple truth - the project can not be trusted. To make you understand, the site is not a brokerage house in the full sense of the phrase. The project does not have a license for the right to operate. Naturally, the project has no documents, no legal address, no registered capital or even details.

What we see is just an imitation of a broker. Swindlers quickly created a website and began to pay off naive users. As rude as it may sound, but the situation with the project is exactly that. If you decide to trade cryptocurrency, then do it through official payment systems. Yes, with a surcharge. But with a guarantee, without cheating and at the rate. And no one, we repeat, no one will not force you to get into debt!

The project is a LOGOUT! We strongly recommend that you do not work with this shark's office!


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