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Earning on Forex: signals and strategy. A beginner's guide.

Forex signals - how to choose a earning strategy Julius Conley ★★★★★

The system is called "Two orders" And this is due to the form of trading.

Trading is conducted by two orders, one is traded in a short time, the second is traded in a medium time.

Thus, in the medium term we try to take the full amplitude of the price movement, and in the short term we vibrate the price movement in the range of medium-term trading.

Therefore, the signals in the short term periodically do not coincide with the signals and the direction in the medium term.

Additionally, in a short time, I give signals to the top-up inputs. They also belong to short-term signals.

About signal correction.

Since dynamic levels are used in the system, I periodically give corrective changes to take profits, both for short-term and medium-term.

Why currencies are the basis of my work.

Many times I get to various publications that it is the most difficult to work with currencies.

However, I see it differently. Let's look at financial instruments from the angle of various analysis. As you know, there are two of them- fundamental and technical.

The maximum number of trading systems is based on technical analysis and it is more understandable to the maximum number of financial market participants, unlike the fundamental one, which is familiar and understandable only to a few market participants.

Taking this into account and taking into account the fact that the tools themselves were introduced and, I would say, imposed by their creators, it turns out that the bulk of them work according to the given algorithms of technical analysis.

The volume of currency turnover, the participation of the countries that own these currencies and, accordingly, the regulation of maintaining certain rates favorable to these countries due to this, create conditions for price movement precisely in certain corridors adjusted by trading on those analysis, and mainly by fundamental events embedded in this corridor.

Other financial market instruments, on the contrary, are based on fundamental conditions and depend on them, in connection with which there is practically no cyclicity in them.

As a result, it is this cyclical nature that makes it possible not just to trade trends, but makes it possible to predict price movement and thereby receive maximum and stable income with the maximum amplitude of price movement.

Therefore, both my system and my work and the signals offered to you are based on working within a certain, correlated corridor and thereby trading from dynamically changing levels. What is most feasible in working with currencies.

We have compiled a list of brokers, that we recommend avoiding.

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