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Deceiver Luxury capitals. Be vigilant! Feedback on a possible scam!

Deceiver Luxury capitals broker reviews from experts. Julius Conley

Wanting to lure customers, this broker brazenly lies to possible users of the resource about its reputation, large odds, instant payments. Also mercilessly changed the real term of work and the real number of functions for enrichment when working as an employee. This firm receives a huge number of requests weekly, if not daily!

But even without them, any experienced player understands that in front of us is nothing more than the usual empty-one-liner, who wants to take away our vitality, precious time and nerves, without giving anything in return. In this topic will be clearly explained why you should not even go to this resource, not to mention the cooperation with him.

Deception in the promotion

Already at this stage begins a merciless lie and an attempt to hang a long noodle in the ears of the possible poor people whom they are going to cheat brazenly. The design of sections, buttons, animations on the site-all this is also done at an incredibly low and philistine level. Literally everything leads us to the thought that this site is nothing more than a cover for money laundering or a commonplace deception of consumers, the owners do not even suggest the possibility of its long-term existence.

Not for nothing, one of the most trusted resources for checking such Internet portals gave a score of a whole one ruble to this institution. This can tell a lot to any user, not even the most knowledgeable.

As for the mass of information contained on Luxury capitals, it is exactly the same exorbitantly inflated bubble that exists only to attract your precious attention, behind which, perhaps, the option game itself will go.

The main task of the site is to draw you into its trap in the shortest possible time, to make you believe in the possibility of making easy money.

Anyone who has come to this almshouse has no less than three ready-to-play profiles to choose from, the initial payment on which is about two hundred and fifty dollars, the largest trade size with a leverage of one to five hundred, a spread of 1.3 and the complete absence of commission payments. The newest users are guaranteed help from a grief-advisor who, as it will turn out later, only helps you to lose the accumulated sum and properly cheeky, demanding money for his services. Of course, for the deposit of money in the account operates and bonus system, which can also be realized by attracting friends to this resource on the typical conditions for this kind of institutions.

In the section with information about the site a lot of nasty, completely false information. For example, the period of operation, the number of active users of the portal, the presence of branches and representatives around the globe. We want to disappoint you-the domain name of this eatery got registered only on November 11, 2020. And all the slander about the incredible history of the company, banal attempt to lure unfamiliar with the industry to suck their hard-earned resources.

To contact at least one of the group of representatives of this firm seems possible only through mail.

In the list of legal entities this scam is also present, but the place of registration is listed as Bulgaria for some reason. Of course this fly-by-night company does not have a license, you can not even dream.

Fortunately, very few people have faced with this representative of the world of swindlers, so we have not found a single comment about this site.

We have compiled a list of brokers, that we recommend avoiding.

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