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Clark Financial and its attitude toward customers

Clark Financial Forex broker review Julius Conley ★★★★★

Forex brokers are companies that provide intermediary services for trading in the international foreign currency market. A reliable company, which is Clark Financial, offers favorable conditions and has the necessary licenses to operate. The regulator controls its activity, the payments are proved by reports and the clients have only positive reviews. The commission for each transaction is fixed. It depends on the type of account.

One of the main functions of the broker can be considered - providing access to the trading platform, which gives access to the stock exchange. This is one of the main tools of the trader, as without it is impossible to close/open a position, get quotes, etc. The company also provides leverage, which allows clients to trade amounts much larger than their deposits.

Broker Clark Financial provides free training and has an analytics and statistics section. The site is official with a secure connection, is easy to use, not overloaded with details.

The platform offers the following trading conditions:

The company uses special encryption to protect customer data. Verification is performed to confirm identity, and the account is activated after the information has been fully verified.

The website has a calendar of economic events, a dictionary, and various articles. The service is appropriate even for players with no trading experience.

Clark Financial forex fulfills its financial obligations and adheres to the terms of the user agreement. This is an honest broker, does not fine for no reason, and has no debts. It pays taxes and works legally. Hasn't been involved in any scams, and rewards its clients with bonuses.

How to distinguish a scammer from a normal broker?

Clark Financial is not a scam, because it has all the documentation to prove the legitimacy of its activities. Moreover, no one here imposes dubious schemes or asks to transfer funds to employees' cards.

Fraudsters abound on the stock market. Usually, they operate according to these schemes:

In addition, scammers are also given out by the following:

Fraudsters do not inform about the risks and access personal databases illegally. That is why calls can even come to those who have never been involved in trading.

What do the reviews say about Clark Financial?

Thanks to users' comments, others make a decision about cooperating with the broker. The opinion of someone who has already used the services of a company helps to understand how honestly it works and whether it really provides professional services. Ratings are formed on the basis of clients' assessments. They also determine the reputation of the brand, its relevance, the level of trust. Positive Clark Financial reviews confirm that the platform really fulfills its obligations to the players and it is possible to open an account here. Many of them are posted on Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Feedback is important. With its help, users can understand what type of account is the best to open, how regularly the payments are received, and whether the broker is cheating. So if you only plan to cooperate with a Forex broker, it is worth starting acquaintance with comments.

Broker Clark Financial users choose it for its openness and high level of support competence. People note the efficiency as well as the professionalism of the employees.

Part of the positive reviews is devoted to training. The company pays special attention to this, providing high-quality, free training materials to traders with different trading experiences. There is a glossary of terms, courses, informative articles, and books. It is possible to use after registration.

Forex broker Clark Financial attracts by the variety of payment systems, the flexibility of tariffs, and the loyal attitude.

Users are satisfied with the great variety of assets, instant order triggering, and trading conditions. There are no problems with the service, especially if not to violate the established regulations.

Many have noted that withdrawals are quite prompt, and most importantly, the money arrives almost on time. If there are delays, they are minimal. 

Positive reviews about Clark Financial also testify to the favorable bonuses, low commissions, and good attitude to players. The service is comfortable enough, and suitable for the stock market. There are no restrictions on withdrawals and no additional payments are required.

Service and its offers

Clients all over the world, and monthly payouts exceed $500,000. For user comfort, the website has a calendar of economic events, analytics, and statistics. It is possible to deposit the account only after passing the verification and identity confirmation.

Clark Financial Forex keeps its money separate from the client's money. Special encryption is used to protect the data and any transaction is verified. These security measures ensure that any fraudulent activity is stopped.

The company has a range of other benefits:

Forex Clark Financial teaches, does not impose anything, and cooperates with proven European banks.

The cons are as follows:

This has no effect on the quality of service and several hundred new accounts are opened on the platform every day.

We have compiled a list of brokers, that we recommend avoiding.

Comments (4)
user_avatarKeith Vaughn

Clark Financial Forex-Broker offers many different methods of input/withdrawal of funds, such as credit cards and popular electronic wallets. I like that the support service is available by phone, e -mail and chat. Low spreads compared to other brokers, and they offer a wide range of levels of credit shoulder depending on the volume of your trade and the level of experience. Traiders deserve to know what they are paying for, and what value the broker gives in return. One of the most reliable and convenient for the use of Forex-Brakes presented on the market today. In general, I am very pleased with my experience with Clark Financial. Customer service is excellent, and the trading platform is one of the best that I used. Spreads are competitive, and the credit shoulder reaches 1: 400, which is very convenient for scalper. I strongly recommend this broker to everyone who is looking for a reliable and convenient Forex broker. Clark Financial is an authoritative and reliable Forex broker, which has been working for many years.

user_avatarWilliam Colon

If you are looking for a Forex Broker that offers excellent spreads and marginal rates, you should definitely pay attention to Clark Financial. This broker is one of the few companies with a real ECN platform, which means that they offer almost zero commission fees for their customers. In addition, Clark Financial has a very friendly customer service team, and they will do everything possible to help you before and after opening an account with them. The trading platform is easy to use, and the execution of orders is quickly. I like that they offer a wide range of technical indicators and tools that help me make reasonable decisions. They also provide a wide range of educational materials for both beginners and experienced traders. Spreads are competitive, and trade commissions are reasonable. There is also a good choice of payment methods, so I am not limited by one or two options. In general, I am very pleased with the services provided by the Clark Financial Forex Broker. In fact, I traded with Clark Financial by a broker for almost a year and must say that this was one of the best experiments that I have ever had.

user_avatarGeorge Wilson

I had extensive experience in trading with Clark Financial. The customer support service is always ready to help me in solving any issues, and the speed of contracts is very high. Spreads are one of the best in the industry, and the software for building graphs is very convenient for the user. I strongly recommend Clark Financial to all traders who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy broker. The services provided by this broker are designed to trade more simple and convenient for his customers. The trading platform is intuitive. The trading platform is equipped with functions that allow you to easily analyze markets and conclude transactions. I also like that I can access the trading platform from my mobile phone, which makes trading even more convenient. I can say that I am very pleased with my experience with Clark Financial broker. Customer service is excellent, and the trading platform is one of the best that I used. Spreads are competitive, and the credit shoulder reaches 1: 400, which is very convenient for scalper. Who is looking for a reliable and convenient Forex broker, then this broker is for you.

user_avatarThomas Patterson

I have been trading with Clark Financial a broker for a year, and I can say that this was one of the best experiments in my life. They offer excellent support for customers and competent traders. Spreads are very good, like their platforms (they have several of them, including a web version and a mobile version). Their credit shoulder is also well suited for large transactions! The structure of the commission initially confuses a little - the minimum account is $ 500+, but $ 25 per month is charged from you, regardless of whether you are trading or not. However, this is quite reasonable, given how much they provide as a broker, especially when you consider that they offer free demo accounts so that you can practice before making any money! As a person who himself is a beginner in trade in the Forex market. As a novice trader Forex, I had no experience and doubted the reliability of online trading sites. But I began to practice with the training foundation on the broker’s website and gradually strengthened my confidence until I was ready to make money on a deposit and start to trade. Training courses that were offered to me for free compensated for a slightly high minimum account balance necessary for opening an account.