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Bitcoin trading skyrockets 200% in one of the largest Ukrainian crypto brokers

Bitcoin Trading Takes Off on Ukrainian Crypto Brokers Julius Conley ★★★★★

From volumes below $ 1 million on 28 February to $ 4.1 million

Following the Russian attack on Ukraine, the trading volume of bitcoin and altcoin has skyrocketed by 200% on one of Ukraine's leading trading platforms.
According to the information of 'Cointelegraph', one of the largest Ukrainian crypto brokers, Kuna, has tripled its volume on the day of February 24, with the launch of the' special military operation ' of Russia, to exceed four million dollars.

With the onset of the armed conflict between the two countries there was a clear impact on fiat currencies. In the case of the Russian ruble, it plummeted to its lowest level in history against the dollar and euro. Ukrainian authorities have also put in place economic measures that have caused Ukrainians to show more support for cryptocurrencies. This comes just a week after the country passed a law to legalize bitcoin.

The effect has been immediate on the Ukrainian cryptocurrency exchange, which has gone from volumes below $ 1 million on February 28 to $ 4.1 million three days later.

After the great collapse suffered, the ruble seeks stabilization although the National Bank of Ukraine has announced a ban on payments with the currencies of Russia and Belarus and on transactions with people and entities in those countries.

We have compiled a list of brokers, that we recommend avoiding.

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