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Bitcoin has fallen in price: what should the financial market prepare for?

Bitcoin has fallen in price by 8%: what to prepare for Julius Conley ★★★★★

The spread of the new COVID-19 strain may further weaken the appetite of investors, analysts predict.

On Friday, the value of the first cryptocurrency dropped by almost 8%: for the first time since mid-October, Bitcoin is trading at less than $55,000 per coin.

According to the auction data, on the afternoon of December 10, 2021, the exchange rate of the BTC dropped to $54297.7. The cost of ETN has fallen by 8.87% since the beginning of the session - to $4,061.52.

The total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market in the afternoon reached $2.56 trillion (the Bitcoin indicator is $1.03 trillion).

The first cryptocurrency is getting cheaper against the background of the general negative dynamics observed on the world markets on Friday due to reports of the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus. So, investors today are massively abandoning risky assets, preferring bonds, gold, franc, as well as American, European and Japanese currencies.

Bitbank predicts that the spread of a new type of COVID-19 may further weaken the appetite of investors. According to experts, in the future, the growth of Bitcoin will be limited, and the market should prepare for further losses.

It is worth noting that a little more than 2 weeks ago, on November 10, the exchange rate of the BTC soared to a maximum of $ 69,000. Nevertheless, the first cryptocurrency could not stay at the reached mark.

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