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10 popular ways to cheat on the Internet: we analyze common schemes

10 popular ways to cheat on the Internet Julius Conley


The information is recommended for use only for informational purposes. We will outline the popular fraud schemes that exist today to warn you against problems. If you can add to this list, please write in the comments.

Option 1. Tests

The most current scheme that involves fraud. Beginners are faced with this scheme. The bottom line is as follows: the network publishes a vacancy that has favorable conditions. During the interview, they offer to perform a simple test task. In the end, the novice is rejected, and the completed test is actively used in the future.

This variant of fraud is in the first place of the rating, as it is very popular in social networks.

Large companies often turn to thematic groups in order to find employees. They publish test tasks, and then say that the employee is not suitable for them at all. After that, they stop responding to messages.

Most professional copywriters are convinced that with the help of test tasks, you can publish an entire blog. In turn, you can make very good money on a blog. To avoid the risk, you need to take an advance payment or agree only to an easy task that can be completed for a few minutes.

Option 2. Earnings that do not involve making a prepayment with a guaranteed withdrawal once a month

This option again applies to beginners or freelancers. The work is not assumed upon completion, but only after a certain period of time has elapsed. This is an improved version of the first scheme. They work at the same time only part of the time, and then the cooperation is interrupted by the manager.

Of course, you can not say that all the scammers. There are exchanges and agencies that value their reputation.You can view the reviews to understand what the office is like. It is better to study any company in full before cooperation. This will help you avoid cheating and save your nerves. If you are interested in such offers, you should try to complete several tasks, and then try to withdraw money. If everything goes well, you can stay on the resource. The customer can be offered work through exchanges or as payment for each completed order.

Option 3. Exchangers

The scheme is quite simple. It is relevant on various forums and in social networks. Earnings are assumed to be as follows: there is a certain exchanger. If you put 50 rubles on it, you can withdraw 100 rubles in a day. The conditions are very attractive, especially for beginners. The scheme is explained by the fact that the wallet is the property of the bettor, who collects a certain bank, and then returns the profit back.

There are cases when the essence of earnings is not explained at all. This option was particularly popular a few years ago. It was then that a huge number of people tried to find easy money. At the moment, this option is used less. Only occasionally you can see such ads. This method is a deception. Do not invest your personal funds, because you will not be able to withdraw them back. In this way, you can only get disappointed.

Option 4. Selling products through stores that are fake

At the moment, there are a lot of online platforms on the Internet, with the help of which you can make a purchase of any type. This was also used by scammers. To do this, a store is created that is fake. High-quality advertising is done and the site is sprayed. The order form remains the same. However, any customer who has transferred funds to the store's account for the purpose of buying can forget about their product.

There are many clothing stores. The cost of the products is average, and the range is quite bright. Before you order something, you need to look at the reviews on the Internet. This helps you not to succumb to the scheme of deceivers and keep your funds with you. New stores appear every day. It is simply impossible to keep track of all of them. Try to protect yourself and choose the payment method upon receipt.

Option 5. Making payment for the delivery of your own winnings

Practical jokes are very popular on the Web. It is for this reason that a huge number of new fraud schemes have appeared. Their essence is supposed to be as follows:

1. The draw is carried out in a pre-promoted group.2. Then, in Yandex. direct, the person is informed that he has won.3. In order to send the goods, the organizer requires funds for delivery.

As a rule, this method is implemented by creating a special administrator page. It is filled with copies of the records. In order not to fall for deception, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of payment, since delivery is usually made at the expense of the organizer.

Option 6. Any activation option via message

When a user downloads something via the Internet thanks to some questionable sites, sometimes activation via a message is required. This is another of the most common fraud schemes. The peak of popularity was about 10 years ago. Do not send SMS messages, because it is a fraud. You just have to remember it. This is another way to get money out of the user.

Option 7. Hacking a page in a social network

There are cases when users specifically hack accounts. As a rule, they act by:

1. Spam with a virus.

2. Request for funds.

All these schemes are dangerous. The first case assumes that the personal computer data will be under the complete control of the fraudster.

All personal data, including wallets, can be hacked.If we consider the second option, it assumes that the attacker will demand money from the user's relatives, and then the relatives will demand their return. A few years ago, the scheme was working. You should never trust such requests.If you are asked to send money, you need to make sure that it is a familiar person. You can ask leading questions or call directly. Do not act rashly.

Option 8. Please send funds to charity

There are a huge number of charity ads on the web that are posted regularly. Help is required for both people and animals. Scammers take advantage of this and create fake pages. In them, they also ask for help, and the amazing fact is that their pages are also responded to. These ads look just like the real ones.It even happens that fraudsters create copies of documentation that confirms the presence of the disease. There are a lot of scammers. For those who are not indifferent to the troubles of others, we note: you need to send money exclusively to large and trusted organizations. The probability that they will be misused is low.

Option 9. Participation in lotteries

Online lotteries are also in high demand today. The probability of spending a small amount for the sake of a big win attracts many users. Each of them dreams of easy money. Scammers, in turn, create sites with lottery ads on favorable terms. The ads say that everyone can win. Users are deceived, because the costs are assumed to be insignificant, and the gifts promise good ones.After several draws, there are problems with the withdrawal of funds. The site is successfully closed, and the scammers disappear along with the money. In order to try your luck, you need to use free and proven sites. The odds will be low, but at least there will be a chance of winning.

Option 10. Copies of real sites

Scammers regularly create copies of any sites. Only a few characters in the name string are changed. Either the replacement takes place on similar characters, or on those that are located next to each other on the keyboard. It's very easy to miss the substitution.The main danger is that they contain a huge number of viruses. Attackers can get the password from the e-wallet and withdraw all the funds at the same time. Some scammers are able to copy the sites of well-known banks.


In order to avoid the possibility of being deceived, you should carefully consider all your actions. Questionable sites should be checked by name. Regarding very profitable offers, you need to double-check in detail for the presence of positive reviews.


We have compiled a list of brokers, that we recommend avoiding.

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